Project: Bore pile Construction.
Location: Ini, Akwa ibom.
Duration : 8 weeks.

Project: Industrial Borehole
Location : Apapa Lagos
Duration : 4 weeks

Project: Surveying of 22 Hectares of land

Date awarded: March 2011

Duration: 2 weeks

Project : Industrial Borehole.
Duration : 4 weeks.
Location : Edu house Prodeco staff quarters ,Ikoyi Lagos.

Project: Drilling  of 3 nos Borehole,  Construction of water tank, Water Connection.
Location : OPM camp, Aluu Port Harcourt.
Duration :  3 weeks

Project: Drilling of Borehole.
Location : RCCG Tree of life Parish, 42 Circular road. Woji.

Project: Fabrication of Reinforcement Cages for NCDB Building Piling.
Location : Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
Duration : 6 weeks.

Project : Construction of 3 Nos of Industrial Boreholes at Eko Atlantic City
Duration:  24 weeks.
Location: Eko Atlantic City Lagos.

Project : Fabrication of Reinforcement Cages for Bore Pile at Saint John ,Otuoke Bayelsa State.
Location : Otuoke , Bayelsa State.
Duration : 4 weeks.

No 7B Agape Close,Off Circular Road Woji,
Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.